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        Antibody arrays

        ??We offer cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays for more than 400 cytokines, chemokines, and other proteins.

        Arrays are available for human, mouse, rat and other species.

        ??Antibody arrays are an ideal tool to identify the key changes in a protein pathway or network. Cytokine arrays particularly are used extensively in immunology research.

        ?????Antibody arrays are multiplex immunoassays that use the ELISA sandwich antibody pair principle, allowing multiple proteins to be detected within one experiment. Multiple capture antibodies are pre-spotted on to a solid surface, the sample is applied and analytes are then captured, the addition of detection antibodies complete the sandwich complex.

        ??????Choose our quantitative antibody arrays on glass slides to quantitate up to 40 proteins per array, with as little as 50 μL of sample, and analyze with a microarray laser slide scanner.

        • Choose our membrane antibody cytokine arrays to quickly screen and profile samples across up to 96 proteins per array, with 200 μL–1 mL of sample, and analyze just like a chemiluminescent western blot.

        Examples of our popular antibody arrays include: cytokine array ab133997, our human cytokine array (membrane antibody array) that measures 42 different cytokines; ab134001, our human apoptosis membrane antibody array and ab197419, our human angiogenesis quantitative antibody array. Browse these and others using the links to the left.  

        Semi-quantitative membrane antibody arraysQuantitative slide antibody arrays
        Array format1 array per nitrocellulose membrane16 arrays per glass slide
        Assay typeSemi-quantitativeQuantitative (8 arrays per slide are used for a standard curve, protein standards are supplied)
        Sample volume200 μL - 1 mL50 - 100 μL
        DetectionChemiluminescenceFluorescence (550 nm, Cy3 equivalent dye)
        ReproducibilityOnly comparable within a single experimentCV < 15-20%
        More expensive per kit, similar price per sample
        Proteins per arrayUp to 96Up to 40 (can easily process multiple arrays in parallel to measure up to 400 proteins)
        No. of samplesSuitable for up to ~20 samplesEasily processed in parallel for many samples & suitable for automation
        InstrumentationX-ray film, CCD camera, gel doc or Licor? Odyssey ImagerLaser slide scanner