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        FirePlex-HT Immunoassays

        ???Scale up biomarker profiling without sacrificing performance.

        FirePlex?-HT immunoassays offer the high standards of performance and multiplexing you expect from our original FirePlex immunoassays, now in a high-throughput, automation-friendly format with readout on high-content imagers.

        New automation-friendly features accelerate work-flow, with 384-well plate assay format and no wash, two-step workflow. With FirePlex-HT there is no trade-off between quantity and quality, allowing you to achieve high-throughput without sacrificing assay performance or data quality. Analyze up to 10 biomarkers per sample, with 1-100 pg/mL sensitivity and 2.5 logs dynamic range, directly from human plasma, serum or cell culture supernatant.

        Ideal for discovery, screening and profiling projects, Fire-Plex-HT offers you a fast, easy and affordable tool to analyze thousands of samples in half the time. By providing a new, more effective and affordable biomarker analysis workflow, FirePlex-HT enables data-driven R&D to guide the most effective strategies and minimize the risk of late-stage failures. Reach your R&D goals faster, and accelerate your path to success with FirePlex-HT immunoassays.

        FirePlex? is a registered trademark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.


        ??What are FirePlex-HT immunoassays?

        Learn more about the new high-throughput, automation friendly feature of FirePlex-HT immunoassays to empower your research.

        Custom assay guide

        Find out more about product offerings, workflow and details of running FirePlex-HT in your lab. 

        Learn about FirePlex particle technology

        Learn more about how FirePlex particle technology enables high-throughput, high-performance multiplexing with its innovative design.

        Service Lab

        Trust your high-throughput screening project to our FirePlex experts with our full-service options.

        FirePlex standard immunoassays

        See how new FirePlex-HT compares to our original FirePlex standard immunoassays to select the product suited for your research needs.